The Hai Van Pass – Vietnam

New post  over on ConfinedPresent we explore the famous Vietnamese, Hai Van Pass.

“The Hai Van pass in Vietnam is a 21km stretch of beautiful winding coastal road. The pass traverses the Annamite mountain range and offers one of the best driving experiences in the world. Featuring on most South East Asia backpackers ‘to-do list’, the Hai Van pass was announced to the world on Top Gears 2008 Vietnam Special. Clarkson and his crew rode motorbikes across the country and were quoted describing the Hai Van pass as “a deserted ribbon of perfection—one of the best coast roads in the world.”.

If you’re looking to experience the Hai Van Pass yourself, there are a number of options available. From guided tours to solo journeys. The most common mode of transport for backpackers is to experience the pass via motorbike. There are a few options available to you, joining part of guided moped tour, riding the pass by yourself or riding privately with a Vietnamese guide. Each option offers its own benefits and your choice really comes down to what you want to gain from the experience.

We opted for the private motorbike tour, accompanied by two friendly Vietnamese locals that took us from Hoi An to Hue. Here’s a run-down of the pro’s and cons of each option”.

To read more header over to ConfinedPresent.


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